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When you require great service for your plumbing, drains and hot water in Townsville, you’ll be delighted with the 1touch Plumbing commitment to provide you with the friendliest and most professional plumbing experience in North Queensland. No other Townsville plumbing company goes as far as 1touch Plumbing and Gas to put a smile on our customers’ faces.

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Professional Residential Plumbing Contractors

Nothing could be as horrible as waking up to a flooded kitchen because of a clogged drain or being hit by ice-cold water because your hot water system malfunctioned again. In emergencies like this, you can trust 1touch Plumbing & Gas to come to the rescue. As the leading Townsville Plumbing Contractors, our company deals with all kinds of plumbing issues, from the mere leaking faucet to the installation of hot water system and gas systems. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance services for residential and commercial establishments in Townsville. We are always a call away to all of our clients in Townsville and the neighbouring areas.


Townsville Plumbers Contractors You Can Trust

We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction. To achieve this, our employees are all certified plumbers with years of experience in the field. We send them to seminars and training to keep them updated with the latest plumbing legislations, technology and sophisticated equipment. Our team members are professionals, and they are not just chosen for their expertise but also for their commitment to providing fast and accurate service to all our clients.

Our commercial Plumbers Townsville provide all kinds of plumbing services to all types of commercial establishments. We have the needed number of experts to handle big jobs required by small or big business offices.

Whatever plumbing issues you have, you can give us a call, and you will get an immediate response. We have company vehicles that can take our personnel to your location in just a few minutes after receiving your call. We know that time is essential when dealing with plumbing issues. Our plumbers work fast, and you can expect everything in your home or establishment back to normal in the shortest possible time.

As a recognised Townsville Plumbing Contractor,  we use the latest technology and equipment in providing seamless plumbing service. This allows us to provide the appropriate solution the first time. 

Trusted Townsville Plumbing Services

Second, we use only the best materials for all our installation and repair services. We have contact with the best providers of plumbing materials, and we only purchase the items we use in all our projects from them.

Last, our services are all affordable, and we make sure to work within your budget without compromising quality. For these reasons, you can rely on 1touch Plumbing & Gas to give you the best services for all your plumbing and gas needs. 

Round-the-Clock Plumbing Service

We know that a plumbing problem may pop up any time of the day or night. To make sure that your problem is resolved immediately, we have plumbers to respond to your call 24-hours a day, seven days a week. You do not have to wait for several hours for your plumbing issue to be fixed. The moment we receive your call, we deploy a team immediately to your place for immediate action.

Troubleshooting Pipes

Reasonable Prices

Townsville plumbing contractors, 1touch Plumbing & Gas, offer several project packages that assures our clients of affordable prices without compromising the quality of materials used and of the work completed on a project.  You can also let us know your budget, and we will work around it. We value our clients, and we are always willing to discuss the project for everyone’s benefit.

The plumbers at 1touch Plumbing & Gas believe that an excellent reputation dramatically contributes to the success of a business. We always see to it that we maintain our right name by providing high-quality, prompt, and affordable services.

Our Plumbing Service Commitment

1touch Plumbing & Gas is committed to establishing a positive relationship within the community that it serves.  Our people have impeccable work ethics. We aim for on-time completion of all projects that we undertake. We do things fast and we do them right. We value our employees, and we understand that the quality of the work that they do can attract or drive away customers. Our plumbers undergo training in using new equipment and in applying the latest technology so that they will have the required skills and knowledge that the modern times demand.

Why Hire 1Touch Plumbing & Gas

There are hundreds of companies that offer plumbing and gas services, but there are several reasons for you to choose us among the many. First, our company employs expert and professional plumbers. They are certified, and they have undergone rigorous training in the relevant and latest aspects of the job. Their professionalism makes them respond to calls and finish projects promptly with guaranteed best results.

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Available 24/7, 1touch Plumbing & Gas is composed mainly of trusted human resources who can serve you better. We also have the most qualified plumbers in town who can professionally deal with different clients. These people can ensure that the most specific issues of your plumbing and gas leak problems will be corrected accordingly for your satisfaction.

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