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We all like to have water and drainage running properly in our homes. When there’s a blockage affecting our sinks, basins, toilets, showers, or stormwater drains, it’s an inconvenience that can quickly build into a significant headache. For fast, efficient, and reliable service in Townsville, our experienced plumbers are ready to help 24/7.

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Signs You Have Blocked Drains & Drainage

There are many indicators that your drain is blocked or in the early stages of a blockage. Be alert to the following signs:


The drainage is slow or inconsistent


Odd sounds such as gurgling noises are coming from the pipes


Unpleasant odours are emanating from the drains


Water is backing up, or black debris is seeping up from the drain

If you become aware of these problems, don’t hesitate to call 1touch Plumbing and Gas. Our prompt response and wide-ranging expertise will pinpoint the nature of the blockage. We aim to fix the problem so that the impact on your day-to-day life is kept to a minimum.

The Causes Of Blocked Drains

Over time, a build-up of hair, grease, soap, and food waste can lead to a blockage. When grease binds with hair follicles and soap fragments, it can create a thick and difficult to remove the obstruction. Toilets are often clogged by household sanitary products such as wet wipes and menstrual pads. Only toilet paper should ever be flushed down a toilet. Underground pipes can be blocked or damaged if tree roots intrude into the drain area. It’s advisable to have regular plumbing maintenance inspections to ensure your pipes and drains aren’t compromised by any of these factors.
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Townsville's Professional Drainage Plumber

If a blockage appears to be minor, the use of a plunger might quickly dislodge food particles or other minor causes of the blockage. If this is unsuccessful or for serious drainage concerns, your best option is to rely on an experienced professional. Other DIY fixes can lead to a worsening of the issue and damage and other problems affecting the integrity of your plumbing.

1touch Plumbing and Gas has handled jobs both large and small. Our experience ranges from simple toilet blockages and drains repairs to complex troubleshooting involving storm damage, tree roots, and other emergencies.

The Trusted Blocked Drain Specialists

A blocked drain or sewer left too long can lead to cost-prohibitive repairs or replacement. That’s why it’s best to have the problem dealt with quickly and efficiently. It’s also advisable to have regular maintenance to detect problems before they start. The good news is that our plumbers are professional, friendly, and courteous and will provide you with a full cost for approval before they commence any work. That way, there are no surprises, and you can be assured of top quality service, guaranteed using the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and machinery.

With several years of experience working with private and commercial property owners in Townsville, 1touch Plumbing and Gas is a team committed to delivering the least disruptive and most economical and reliable outcomes to our customers.

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Contact Our Blocked Drain Plumbers Today

We’re open for call outs 24/7, so contact the 1touch Plumbing and Gas team today for assistance with your blocked drains. Call us on 07 4795 7426 or email our team at admin@1touchplumbing.com.au to get started.

Blocked Drain Questions

There are many warning signs that there is a blocked drain on your property. The most common symptom of a blocked drain is a foul or unpleasant smell emitting from the drain. Additionally, slow drainage or incomplete drainage are also signs that your drain could be blocked. Strange gurgling sounds may also be indicative that there is a draining problem somewhere within your drain system.

A blocked drain can be caused by many things. Whether you suspect you know what the culprit is or you’re completely unsure, the best course of action is to call in a professional plumber. That being said, the most common reason why a drain becomes blocked is due to solid materials or items obstructing the flow of liquid. Items that frequently obstruct a drain include hair, tissue, sanitary towels and more.

If you are going to attempt to clear a blocked drain yourself, it’s important that you follow the correct procedures. The most popular DIY method of clearing a blocked drain is to pour hot water down the drain, followed by some baking soda and vinegar. Wait between 5 and 10 minutes before pouring more hot water down. However, it is advised that you call out a plumber to unclog a drain in order to make sure that it is cleared correctly and safely.

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