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For Premier Real-estate Agents who are dissatisfied with unreliable tradesmen. 1touch Plumbing and Gas is a small Plumbing, Gas fitting and Roofing business that is dedicated to working with you to create the ultimate tenant and rental owner experience a success from start to finish. We understand that when we are completing work in a home that we are not only representing ourselves but also have the trust of the Real Estate Agents reputation in our hands. At 1touch Plumbing and gas we aim to exceed your expectations and are committed to lifelong learning and reviewing our processes. The Culture of our business is of utmost importance as we understand that building a relationship within a team and alongside trades produces positive outcomes for all.

Highly Skilled Real Estate Plumbers

One of our commitments is to maintain a team of experienced and skillful plumbers who can work with minimal supervision. Hiring highly skilled plumbers guarantees that we live up to our promise – to give clients the best plumbing services possible. This means that we work fast, we focus on solutions rather than the problem, we execute repairs diligently, and educate our clients as to the real situation of their plumbing system.

Our Plumbers Are Hardworking & Reliable

The team is made up of hardworking and committed individuals who uphold company values all the time. Transparency is of utmost importance to our team as we believe that this is one sure way to build lasting professional relationships with our clients. We make sure that clients are well aware of the real plumbing needs of their real estate property and give them a variety of options to get the job done without hurting their budget.

Topnotch Real Estate Plumbing Maintenance

Our plumbers are not just skilled in the technical aspect of their job, they are also well trained when it comes to connecting with clients. This means being able to listen to them and understand their needs without compromising the quality of work that needs to be undertaken. 

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Affordable Strata Plumbing Services

We at 1touch Plumbing and Gas offer customer friendly packages that will get the work done when it is needed the most using materials that are made to last. Over the years, we have built a strong network with suppliers allowing us to outsource a rich variety of quality plumbing materials that will suit the clients’ budget beautifully. It is our strong belief that we are leaving behind a strong legacy by helping build lasting communities that will impact generations.

We are able to adjust our rates depending on the overall need of clients and their working budget. Getting the job done and achieving 100% customer satisfaction is of primary importance to our team. Strata plumbing services in Townsville never sounded this good!

Nothing is as frustrating as encountering a plumbing problem in the middle of the night. It’s a good thing that we at 1touch Plumbing and Gas are available at any time of the day to attend to your plumbing emergencies. Our goal is to get your plumbing working like normal once again before your day starts anew. All you need to do is give us a call and our team on standby will be able to respond in the soonest time possible.

Why Hire Our Professional Plumbers?

No matter what the degree of plumbing work you need done on your property, it is always best to let the professionals do it. Our team of plumbers are fully licenced operators with years of training in the industry. We are confident that the work we deliver is compliant to government standards. Hiring professionals also means being secure that we are insured and properly licensed. Meeting the required plumbing standards, whether for commercial or residential properties, is always our priority. Furthermore, being excellent in everything that we do is of utmost importance to our team.


Our Core Plumbing Competency

At 1touch Plumbing and Gas, we believe in the value of people. As a growing and constantly evolving plumbing company, we know that it is our human resource that will take us into the next generation of real estate plumbing. It is for this reason that we invest considerably on the training and development of our staff to ensure that their skills are updated and constantly sharpened.



1Touch Plumbing Are Your Real Estate Plumbing Specialists

Our people are our best assets. They are hardworking, accommodating, reliable, and honest. We believe that these characteristics have contributed greatly in bringing the company to where it is now. Prioritising the welfare of our people is something that we take very seriously.

So when you think about real estate plumbing services in Townsville think of 1touch Plumbing and Gas and the excellent services that we deliver 24/7.

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Available 24/7, 1touch Plumbing & Gas is composed mainly of trusted human resources who can serve you better. We also have the most qualified plumbers in town who can professionally deal with different clients. These people can ensure that the most specific issues of your plumbing and gas leak problems will be corrected accordingly for your satisfaction.

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