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How To Avoid These Common Plumbing Problems

1. Clogged drains

Drains are used to transport liquids from a valve to the plumbing system. When anything becomes stuck in the drain, it is known as a clog. In this scenario, the block needs to be either partially or completely removed. It is common to experience water backup while taking a shower or emptying a sink if your drain is clogged.

When there is a clog in the toilet, the water backs up rather than just flushing properly. There are various things you could do to keep your drains from becoming clogged. Avoid flushing hairs down the toilet or down the sink. Make certain that only dissolvable waste is flushed into the toilet. For example, you should not flush makeup wipes down the toilet. You can use a household draining cleaning product to attempt to clean your drains, but if the blockage is significant, this may have little to no effect. When you have blocked drains, you should contact a professional plumber to take care of the problem.

2. Low water pressure

Low pressure is a typical source of frustration in the home. The low water pressure might be caused by a problem in your house or by a problem with your water source. You will notice if your water pressure suddenly drops as your shower spray will not be as forceful as it was before. 

To avoid harming your water pressure, do not use multiple water applicants at once. For example, do not run your dishwasher whilst taking a shower. This eliminates the possibility of overuse in your household. If the issue is caused by leaky pipes and faucets, a plumbing specialist should be called in for repair services.

3. Leaking faucets

A water leak may seem like a minor problem, but it has the potential to cause significant property damage. Additionally, a water leak puts your family in danger of falling or slipping due to slippery surfaces. Not only that, but it also has the additional effect of increasing your water bills by a significant amount. If you see a significant rise in your water bill, it is possible that you have a leak somewhere within your house. 

If you have a leaky faucet, it may be possible to repair it yourself by tightening the valves. However, if the leak continues, it is essential to hire a plumber.

4. Leaking pipes

Leaking pipes may cause your water bill to rise and may also result in costly flooding issues. This is particularly true if the problem is not addressed promptly. Home inspections should, therefore, be performed on a regular basis. Plumbing inspections detect leaking pipes early on before they cause damp or damage to their surrounding areas.

The key to dealing with leaking pipes is to identify them as soon as possible. If you don’t, you may discover mould and mildew on your property.

5. Faulty water heater

When it comes to yearly house maintenance, your water heater may be the last thing on your mind. Water heater maintenance should be performed on a regular basis to prevent unexpected problems. In addition, regular maintenance will help to ensure that your heater operates as efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance identifies and solves problems before they have a chance to impact your home or your water bills. 

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