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Solar Hot Water System

What’s The Best Type Of Hot Water System For My Home?

Different Types Of System

Here are some of the most commonly used hot water systems installed in homes in Australia.

Electric Hot Water System

Electric hot water systems are available in various sizes and they work via a heating element, which is located inside the heating tank. Electric hot water systems heat up the water once and keep it heated until it is ready for use. You can also buy electric hot water systems that are instantaneous, which means that they heat water instantly upon use as opposed to preserving heat. Electric hot water systems provide an endless supply of hot water.

Gas hot water system

Gas hot water systems are similar to electric hot water systems in that the water is heated and stored until use. The main difference between the two is that, as the name suggests, gas hot water systems use gas to heat up the water rather than electric. This means that gas hot water systems have quicker heat recovery times than electric hot water systems. They also tend to be smaller in size.

Solar Hot Water System

Solar hot water systems use a renewable source of energy. This means that they have a minimum effect on the environment and are seen as being less damaging than other types of hot water systems. Most commonly, solar hot water systems rely on solar panels that absorb energy from the sun to heat up the water.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat pump hot water systems are viewed as being more efficient than solar hot water systems. Also a renewable option, heat pump hot water systems extract heat from the surrounding areas via a pump. The aforementioned surroundings are typically ground, water or air. Heat pump hot water systems are considered to use up to two-thirds less energy than a fully electric hot water system.

What Factors Should You Consider?

There are many factors that you should consider when buying a hot water system for your home. Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when deciding what the best type of hot water system is for your needs.


Budget remains a stickler for many Aussie households. When buying a new hot water system, you should consider both the short term and long term costs. For instance, electric hot water systems may be cheaper upfront but they’re usually more expensive to run in the long term. Contrasting this, solar hot water systems will be more expensive to purchase upfront but will be cheaper to run in the long term.


Size is another factor that you should consider when buying a new hot water system. If you live in a small house where space is limited, a smaller hot water system is likely more suitable for you. If you have ample room, size will be considered less of an issue. Something else to remember is that hot water systems that use renewable energy (solar and heat pump) also require solar panels on your roof.


If you want to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible, then not all of the options on this list will be suitable. Some hot water systems are more efficient than others, both at reaching a hot temperature and retaining that temperature. If you use a lot of hot water throughout the day, then a hot water system that keeps water heated will be more effective.

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